Fortify quit p*rn for good

For those of you struggling to beat this addiction, or those stuck in the chaser effect cycle, I reccomend an app called fortify, fortify has week based training, which teaches you to break the addictive cycle and it teaches you to form new habits in your lifestyle, I highly recommend it, this app has been helping me to become my better self, there is also this very supportive community that will encourage you and give you advice in your journey to freedom, they are also sufferers themselves who are trying to become their better selves.


It a very good app it will be worth it

The star practice
S= step back and observe
T= take a few conscious breaths
A= ask yourself what you really want
R= respond in a healthy way
You’ll find this in the week 5 training of fortify for those that have that app.

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It is not free as RC app is


Fortify STAR Practice Part 1

The Fortify STAR Practice part 2

The Fortify Urge surfing in moment guidance

These are some deeper dive practices from Fortify, they may not work for some of you on your first go but it takes practice and with practice you will get good at it.

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