Former Addict's Diary; 29M;

Waste it more and more like this bro @_TIGER :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I have no any problem. And, don’t delete. The conversation should go on…the discussion should go on…I let my brothers to openly discuss…ask questions…share problems in my diary.

Your reply has helped me too. So, I enjoy and learn.


My Dear Brothers!!

I have some announcements:

  1. I started no fap from 7 th March 2021, Sunday. I have not ejaculated voluntarily since then. I have not opened and watched any pn sites or pn videos since then. After vow of Brahmacharya, I have not talked or chatted with girls in a flirty way. I blocked some girls with whom i was flirting causually. This made my brahmacharya little bit easier and helped to reduce urges too.

During this time, i have reset my counter often thinking that I will be more sincere and strict. But, i realized that I am fearing to embrace my success and growing streak. Due to fear of relapse due to overconfidence also I might have reset my streaks many times. What made me to think like this??? What made my mind weak to be programmed like this…F*ckk!! I am a strong man. I should not be fearful to see my growth. I embrace my hardwork and sacrifice. Im proud that i made it. I am proud that i finally escaped from 18 years of clutches of pmo. So, celebrating my success i have decided to go back to my actual streak…and show it with pride and dignity :triangular_flag_on_post:

  1. I will follow strict Brahmacharya till 5 th Oct. 2022; Wednesday (Vijaya Dashami) i.e. 441 more days. Whatever I have committed previously will be null and void by this commitment. I will follow Brahmacharya completely in thoughts ; words and deeds till 5 th Oct. 2022; Wednesday (Vijaya Dashami : 6: 00 am) only.

I will achieve all what I have said previously by this time (2022/10/05).
Things I am going to achieve by 5th Oct; 2022

  • Six pack body with brahmacharya
  • Fixing my personal problems (Eng.exam pass; council exam pass; passport; establish good terms with my family)
  • Car Driving Licence
    -Ielts/ gre with best marks
    -Fly to canada / australia / newzealand to do pg
  1. All problems due to pmo have solved except two:
    a. Grey hair ( I don’t care; if it doesn’t reverse i will colour my hair all white or blond)

b. General body weakness ( I am working on it through Ayurveda; Yoga; Pranayama and some allopathic medicines. By 5 th oct 2022 I will become a wild bull :ox::water_buffalo: :weight_lifting_man:🏋‍♂

Here, keeping all my brothers as wittness I declare that I am finally freed form 18 long years of pmo addiction. I am free finally.
Two things I want to say to newbies to quit this addiction are:
a. Perseverence and Patience
b. Iron will to quit pmo

All the best my dear brothers!! We have to do it. :fist::fist::fist:

  1. I am taking a break from this app. I am uninstalling it. I’ve been wasting a lot of time here. My time is limited but I’ve a long way to go.

And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.


@Ash_Matt @neveragaintw requesting you to lock my diary.

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