Former Addict's Diary; 29M;

A new Brahmachari has been born in this world


The simple rules are:

  1. No PMO
  2. No sex of anykind (no dry orgasm/ no sex without ejaculation also/ no fantasy/ no thinking about sx pleasure more than 0.5 second/ no sxual feeling, attachment or hankering/ no peeking/ no edging/ avoiding astanga maithuna strictly)
  3. Semen Retention and Transmutation
  4. No time wastage

Bro also add these points too, to gain concrete results from Brahmacharya

  1. No lustful look at any woman. The moment lust appears, view her as mother or view what is inside her skin- blood, vomit, secretion, mucus etc (this creates vairagya or detachment, so transmutation becomes easy)

  2. Mitahara or moderation in eating (THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP IN BRAHMACHARYA) Yoga or brahmacharya is not for people who eat a lot or eat very less. Follow moderation strictly. If you eat more you lost the battle at that moment itself. We become what we eat. Reduce or stop (if possible) eating salt. It excites lustful passion. Eat pure and sattvic food. Never eat junk food. Junk food = excited lust = wet dream.

  3. Fasting. Nothing better in this world had been found than this to gain self control and control over lust. Start with intermittent fasting, if you are a beginner.

  4. Avoid all kinds of negative thoughts such as anger, hatred, fear etc. Because they can also be tranmutted. A yogi or brahmachari must keep his mind calm and cool.

  5. Wake up at 4. If you sleep till 6 or 7, frequency of wet dreams will increase. A lot of them can be avoided by waking up between 3-4.

  6. Meditation, soorya namaskar, pranayama, bandhas and yogic asanas specifically designed for brahmacharya such as Sirshasana, sashangasan, sarvangasan, siddhasan etc To write about the benifits of these practices days and weeks are needed.

  7. Avoid bad company and keep satsang or good company.

  8. Watch the thoughts. Develop viveka and vairagya.

We need not stop seeing woman or avoid their company at all cost. But we must never entertain a single thought or moment of lust in our mind. Never, never look at any woman lustfully. See mother in her or the stinking internals organs of her

These are all very important aspects of Brahmacharya.
Without practicing these, simply doing no pmo and no sex will only give us benifits of nofap.

Brahmacharya is an entirely different game, in an entirely different plane for an entirely different result.


@Tagore I will try my best to implement them also. But, above four points will be the foundation pillars…the unchangeable ones…the unamendable ones.


@Tagore Are you following Brahmacharya or nofap? How long are you planning to do ?


I am following brahmacharya bro. I practice most of the above mentioned points. I never look lustfully at a woman, if a single lustful thought appear in my mind I’ll suddenly think of the blood, secretion, yellow mucus, internal organs within a woman’s body. This works really well for me. If you are interested you can watch anatomy videos in youtube to see the reality within the small skin (how futile our lust is!), I follow mitahara- i eat mindfully and will chew between 22-32 times, I don’t eat junk food, fasting I haven’t started yet due familial reasons, I wakes up between 4-5 (not after 5), and also practices hatha yoga

I’ll do this till age 32, when I decide to create an offspring. Maybe I’ll get into a relationship in university (that too, very less probably). I would be happy for a relationship, only for love, connection, bonding and spiritual purpose. Nothing physical. Never; I’ll have s** at age 32 ONLY AFTER I BECOME SUCCESSFUL, MAKE A NAME AND MAKE A LIVING AS A WRITER

Otherwise I’ll die; period!


And offcourse,

the 8 Breaks of Brahmacharya:

  1. Darshan- looking at woman with passionate resolve.
  2. Sparshan- Touching them.
  3. Keli- Playing with them.
  4. Kirtan- praising the qualities of the other sex
  5. Guhya Bashan- talking in private
  6. Sankalpa- thinking
  7. Adhyvasaya- nearing the other sex with the desire for sexual gratification
  8. Kriyanivritti- actual sexual act.

Ancient texts claim that breaking any one of these conditon equals failure in Brahmacharya. That is why the ancient rishis and munis are god-like

But take what is right for you. I follow most (almost all) of these. Be rational, think with the reasoning mind and take everything that is good. Brahmacharya is a great spiritual journey and can also be used as a tool do or achieve anything. But nofap is an entirely different thing.
Without hatha yoga, extreme discipline, avoiding all kinds of lust etc simply practicing celibacy won’t bring much benifits. It’ll be equal to nofap itself.


Bro I salute your sheer willingnesss and determination to achieve greatness in life. I wish you all the best. In this group,I have seen your posts which I must say are very thoughtfully written. Where you have learned all these ? Which books you have followed?
I am also planning to get into strict unbroken Brahmacharya lifestyle for 5 years,after which I will seek out to look for a partner.

Please me with your suggestions :pleading_face:

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@Tagore All the best. You are 20 but you act like 40. So much maturity.

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These 8 breaks I have incorporated in my rules too.

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2 more days to go :muscle::muscle:
Brahmacharya alone is life.

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Check In :white_check_mark:
Day 67

Announcement for tomorrow

  1. I am taking vow of 3 years of Akhanda Brahmacharya avoiding Astanga Maithuna (eight breaks in Brahmacharya)

  2. I will be resetting my counter to 0. It is because I am not satisfied with no fap (no pmo) rules only. I want to forget and go genderless for 3 years. Yes, I am the sexless Aatman…the sexless soul…my body has sex but not my soul. My soul is divine…it is free from gender identification and compulsive force.

  3. I will utilize every second of my time. I will be very calculative. I will spend time like money henceforth. No time wasting. Time is God (Lord Krshina says in Bhagavad Gita ,“I am the time”). Respect time. Value time. Utilize it in your favour and for your growth.

  4. I am starting Akhanda Pranayama along with Akhanda Brahmacharya. I will do Anulom Vilom , my favourite pranayama henceforth . I will start meditation.

  5. I will always look for opportunities…look for growth…and do hard work…be more smart in dealing with others…I will also develop my personality.

  6. I will eat only that is healthy and nutritious. I will not eat unnecessarily. I will reduce junk food and energy drinks as far as I can. I will start exercise and workouts. I will also add Hatha yoga (to some extent only at first)

  7. I will always study…either academical or motivational. I shall achieve a PHD Degree.

I am a Brahmachari :pray:


Same bro, i will also do the same thing reset counter to 0 & follow akhand bramhachari from tomorrow


@anon41607238 Great!! Lets achieve greatness. Lets breaks every chains that binds us. :muscle:


So what now he is trying to change , let’s encourage & be supportive of him instead of making mean comments . Even mahatma gandhi started practicing bramhacharya at the age of 37 .Your on day 55 of no fap still you’re rude & negative as coomer . If you have better suggestions give him or else stfu & don’t be pessimistic.


Yes, I did sx before many many times and I enjoyed it. I am proud I did it. I didn’t rape someone…I made love :sunglasses: The only regret I have is that I did excessive PMO and wasted so much of my time and energy and destroyed my health and career.
You are nobody that I should pretend. I smiled when i read your comment :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And still I feel I am pure and Gold…oh wait…I feel I am the Kohinoor

Listen @Roads_to_purity Every Sage has his past and every sinner has his future. Even the great sage Balmiki was once a Daaku (Ratnakar). If I am a sinner or a Duratma it doesnot mean I should stay like that forever. Great are the ones who repent for their sins and transform themselves. My heart is changed now. I feel myself pure and divine and I am proud of it. Get some burnol @Roads_to_purity :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@anon41607238 bro people reflect who they are in their actions. I took that comment lightly. In fact, I smiled :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Now, I have made a firm commitment to myself that no body can demotivate me. I am unstoppable now. Even 1000s of @Roads_to_purity cannot do anything to me and to my resolve. :muscle: