Forever in NoFap Stage one

4 day max streak.

This happens rarely.

Usually my streak is 1 2 or 3 days.

Stress, loneliness, boring life, all culprits.

I see this image 3 times a week.

Brother, only you can change that. I was only able to succeed when I started to see PMO as thing that was preventing me to be a real man.

I want to show updates.

@Vortexkicker what does usually trigger you?


It usually starts with my going to my phone and Google Images of women.

These images trigger me to relapse.

Here is my streak.

@Vortexkicker you can download a powerful blocker and include Google Images on it. It is a war, so you need to have a plan to win it.

You are stronger than this addiction.

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Here is where I am at.

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Back to zero.

I masterbated to images because I wanted to escape loneliness.

I’m lonely because I have no opportunity to find single women.

My Dad rules my personal life and I’m 31.

I will always be trapped in my life even if I escape this addiction.

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