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Yes, I know that, but having a lower BMI is always better, as long as it’s not underweight, right? Reduces chances of long term diseases as well.
But also if my BMI increases I want it to be from clean bulking. Not dirty bulking.

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Yup yup these are all good facts, BMI anywhere in normal weight range is good for long term health. But bulking is worth it only when it is lean.

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Also this.
I was editing the post, didn’t expect you’d read it this soon :joy:

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But don’t take stress about it, you won’t gain a lot just in few days and you can always get to working out once exams are done.

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@Samaranjay yeah, that’s true. Thanks a lot, appreciate it.
Nofap is easy if you’re busy with life. I don’t even think about PMO now, there are much more enjoyable things to do. Currently, it’s all studies but things like hanging out with friends, playing basketball or going out for movies/study dates even, they’re all nice. I think I find nofap a bit easy simply because I don’t think about it anymore, it’s just a part of life. Occasionally I may slip, but even that has reduced nowadays.


I 100% agree with this :handshake:


Day 11

Not as productive as I want to be. There are possibly multiple reasons for this, but I don’t want excuses, I want improvements.
The weather here isn’t the best right now. Very rainy, not much sun. I love summer, so this mood makes me gloomy and lethargic, which hinders my studies. I also have a tendency to listen to sad music and just moon about in silence, because cathartic. However, I will not be doing that right now, I need to study for exams hence I will use music that motivates me.
I felt a bit productive spike when I took a cold shower even though the weather was cold. And now I’ll try to use that to maintain my streak.
That’s all for now I guess.

Flame on


Day 15

Not really sure what day it is, I think it’s 15?
Very busy with exams right now, hence the lack of check-ins. This whole week is theory exams+practicals.
Next week onwards I can’t wait to get back to the gym. Also might go for basketball, we have the upcoming zonals tournament. If I qualify for the team, that means daily morning and evening practise probably. It’ll be tough but I have to be disciplined. I don’t want to give up studies, gym or basketball.

I need to focus and study right now, so I just thought for a break I’ll hop on and log-in an entry.
I’m taking cold showers on and off now. Depends on how cold the weather is.

I realized today that I love working on myself. Currently I’m working on dressing better- bought some new sweatshirts and a few bracelets that go with them. And a new pair of shoes…I think I have too many :joy:

That’s all for now, I guess.
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If you can make yourself busy in a day, that’s really nice,no need of logging as well. Our goal is so far from today. And we gona make it this time. You are doing great. Keep going.:slightly_smiling_face:


day 16

@wall-e true…but I feel guilty if I don’t check-in :joy:

I have some free time right now. Or rather, I’m procrastinating so I figured I’d just check-in.
Had my first real urges yesterday. Because the day went bad. Because I didn’t do as well in an exam as I wanted to.
But hey, these are just internals. I’ll learn from these and be a freakin beast from next time onwards.
I’m going to go study daily in the library. I don’t really need motivation because I enjoy what I study :fire:

Nothing special today. Just like every other day this week. Sleep by 11, wake up by 4, study, walk around sleep deprived and coffee-fueled, win nofap like a king, and repeat.
Can’t wait for this week to end. But next week might be busy too…more updates on that after Saturday though :wink:

That’s all for now, I guess
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Bro how and why are you guys doing it. Only 5hrs of sleep …:no_mouth:


He is a medical student and is going through exams, he’s got no other option, I had even given exams in college on barely 1.5 hrs of sleep :sweat_smile:


I don’t know how you guys manage that. If I did that I will sleep on exam itself…


Behold the power of motivation, white lights and coffee :laughing:


Coffee is the key :joy:. But yeah I did feel sleepy sometimes in the exam :rofl:.


Day 21

Exams got over on Saturday and the weekend was just chilling. Went out to many cafes/malls/beach with friends and got some good snaps.

I asked my crush (the 3 yrs senior one) if she wanted to grab dinner or smth sometime. So Sunday we’ll be goint out. Have to pick a good place tho :eyes:

Today was good. Woke up, went to college, celebrated one of my friends birthday, ofc by the end we all had cake on our faces.

I want to be systematic in my studies from now, but it’ll be a bit tight for two weeks since we have practice for the State University-level basketball tournament :grimacing:

Whenever I get urges I just remember all the benefits and kill the urge. God is my motivation.

One goal I’d like to try to get this year would be 8 packs of abs. I’ve had 6-packs since last year and still maintaining only 6. Lets see if I get time to stretch to 8 :fire:

Imma go to sleep early today to study tomorrow morning at least. I dont want a backlog in portions.

Thats all for now, I guess.
Peace out,
Flame on


Hell yeah :handshake:

Yup I participated in that, for us it was Inter Technical College Sports meet.

Here I have 4 and fat below that :joy:, aiming to get that fat burnt soon.


Bro how many crushes do you have ?? :joy::joy::rofl:.
Seriously speaking, all the best…
Win her heart like a pro.:sunglasses::sunglasses:


that’s cool! Did y’all win?

nice nice :fire: :fire:

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Bro :sob: :sob: :joy: I’ve only had one since coming to college that’s it. No one else. I don’t want to date anyone or have a crush at the moment, but what to do.
But at the same time, I’m almost over the crush tbh. I just wanted to go out with her as friends, I don’t see us working out long term, so I don’t think I’d ever ask her out.