For the Last time

I am masturbating for one last time. This is the final time that I am jerking off to internet porn. It is a promise to self and a dare to myself. Now on, whatever happens, I won’t do IT
Wish me luck so that I can pull it of forever!


As someone who’s been doing NoFap for a quite a while, “one last time” is the most basic trick your porn addled brain plays on you. If you really want to be free from this, make a resolve at that moment itself and not after one more hit of dopamine.


That is the biggest lie & false promise your mind tells you.

I see you just joined the community, a very warm welcome. However, the approach you’re proceeding with is flawed. You don’t set unrealistic or overambitious goals at the start. It’s overwhelming and you’ll snap before even the game begins.

Here’s what your brain will say on day 1 when you feel even the slightest urge

Brain: Dude let’s do it.

You: But I made a promise that I’ll not do it ever.

Brain: Yeah sure sure I agree, Po*n is bad, but you haven’t even completed day 1 you can do it right now & start the forever streak after that, just after one last time.

You: Alright.

This loop will never end.

Instead set up a short goal of lets 3days initially, then 7 days, and then 30 days.

Brian: Let’s do it.

You: Umm no, let’s wait for 3 days first then I’ll definitely do it. It’s a few hours ok, moreover, I’m stronger to complete a mere 3 days.

Brain: Cool.

After 3 days have the same mindset for 7 and eventually 30 days. Complete this mini reboot and reply here after 30 days.


Remember bro? Last time also you said last time but was it your last time? No


I really appreciate your advice. I will definitely keep that in mind.
And thanks a lot for a warm welcome!

This is the first time I am embarking on such a journey. Let’s see how far can I go without disappointing myself.
Thanks a lot for your concerns, I really appreciate it @Oneall @nofapstar123


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