For how long should I maintain eye contact

Hello all.

I am trying to overcome eye contact anxiety or fear. I red somewhere that I sould look for 3 seconds and then look away and somewhere else it was “look until they look away”. I dont want to look like a creep, but on the other hand I take it as challenge for me to try to maintain eye contact as long as possible or looking into womens eyes instead of checking them out. After a while in NoFap it is better but I have questions.

For how long sould I maintain eye contact with strangers mostly women and men as well without beeng creep or it being weird for them or me?

Also as example. If I am walking though shop and not actively searching something just going to my “destination” (part of shop, I am looking on people instead on floor and try to look them into eyes. Is it weird?


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Realy funny, this shows how deeply this addiction fucks a human brain & mind.

Bro, you decide, its your eyes.
Where to look !!
How long !!

You are The Master of your Eyes & body.
Who are we to tell you all this !!