For how long have you been masturbate and how old are you now?

Hello everyone sorry for this question (it sounds stupid).
I’ve been masturbation for the past 5.5 years now. This stupid act has negative effect on my life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now my question is this: If I start nofap now, how long would it take me to recover?

I did PMO for like 9 years…

We cant say how many days it takes for anyone… 90 is the minimum. But it gets easier after 90 days, you wont be obsessed over it anymore.

I am on day 147, I still feel like I have a long way to go…

Also remember, we are doing it to stop a bad habit… If we recover and we go back to doing same old habit, its not good…

I suggest you to have weekly streaks till a month, and then monthly steaks instead of looking at the end result. Keep going, and things are going to set themselves :blush:


As jonsnow said most cases go with 90 days reboot, don’t think about how long it takes, start as soon as possible to safe time on progess!

Best of luck brother


I have done it for last 10 years (approx.). You begin to see effects after 2 weeks, but it takes a long time to recover from all the damage you’ve inflicted upon yourself. Since I have been a true addict, I feel that my recovery time would be atleast 150 days, but as others have mentioned, for most people its 90 days.