Food habits (veg or non-veg)

I have experienced that whenever I eat something unhealthy, rich including meat. Urges comes and streaks ends. Suggest me a healthy food habit which is helpful for nofap and also good for sports and exercise.


See… Brain attaches to something… Any negative thing. Food in your case, mood swings for someone else, less focus for some other, no peace of mind for another… Negative situations for most… Plenty of stuff…

Its all in your head, your urges has nothing to do with healthy or unhealthy food.

Your brain needs dopamine, it craves its routine. So it makes you feel bad, or worry on some situation then it shows you a way to make yourself feel better. Which is fapping or porn… And you take it, relapse, and then go back to feeling the same way as before. So fapping basically didn’t change anything. Thats how any addicts brain works.

So dont associate anything to nofap, if you want to eat healthy food, sure… But dont let your brain convince you to fap if you ate something unhealthy.

And whenever you feel the urge, work on going through the urge… Just stay on nofap path even though every part of your body tells you to fap… Just find that strength, confidence that you can manage those intense cravings, and motivation in you.


Thank you I Will try this time

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In fact I would advise eating cooked red meat if you workout, full of proteins so it helps building up muscle etc
The thing is food full of proteins increase the rates of testosterone production, thus you have an higher libido and stronger urges.
You need to be able to control your brain / mind in order to be successful in your nofap journey.
Discipline is the key, diet is secondary but also plays an important role.

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Got it :v:
Thank you sir

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