Flatlining and married (updated to include honesty in marriage)

I have explained what is going on with me to my wife. It has really hurt her feelings. Any words of advice welcome.

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I am also married.
I can understand.

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Time will heal her.Their are lots of couples who keep their secrets as a burden in their life which make them frustrated and worst in life.These couples relationships are getting weak day by day…But Brother in your case you told who you are and what you are to your wife she will understand you …No issues their is no problem in this world which has no solution…Give some time to her…Everything will be all right. All The Best For Your Life Journey.


The most important that you are on the right path to get rid of it. There is an act of courage that you said her about it. And the women should understand you and help you to overcome this battle. Be and support you always. Not only when you are strong and shining but also when you are depressed and sad.


Thanks everybody. I appreciate the kind words.

You’re right, the important things are to stay on track, and to give her time to take in what I’ve told her.


I am on same boat bro. Martied and flatline.I told I will recover soon and we will have a pleasant and normal life. I am 34 yrs old and on 35 day streak.Tell this is fact and it is for betterment of your health and relation. She will understand



Give these to your wife to read. She will be healed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Link: https://www.covenanteyes.com/e-books/#couples

And you read this. You will be healed. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are welcome, in advance!


Bear pain now, you will get best results. Don’t worry keep on track! Flatline is nothing in front of u


So I recently stopped lying to my wife about the extent of my problem. I have covered it up with so many lies, but I’m serious about changing and felt that honesty was an important step to ensure that our future relationship post my recovery is intimate and authentic. It’s caused my wife so much pain.

She’s asked me, and I have agreed, to leave the family home while she processes the fact that pmo has been such a major factor in my life and our marriage. Haven’t seen my baby daughter for 4 days and it’s breaking my heart. I constantly feel like crying.

Am holding on, but last night, sat alone in my rented room, I was so tempted. I know fapping isn’t the answer, it’s what got me here. Have to stay strong.


There is no option to return to faping. Just no. Stay strong anyway. No matter what.


Brother talk to her and convince her…Ask help to her…You should tell that their is no one who can directly help to deal with the pmo so seek her help and tell her that without you I cannot be cured…Apologies…A man is stronger but we all have feelings we should apologiez for everything to make everything better


Oh God.
You shouldnt have told her but the deed is done.
Now… what option we have…

Go for Reboot… that a way out of all your problems.
Join My group ^Resurrection^
It is greatly helping me.
Read page no. 1 of it and join hands.

You are not alone.
I am with you.
Being a father of a daughter. I can understand your feelings.

Remember you are doing Reboot for yourself.
Family wife… they are there with us or not… with us … good… not with us… ok … but You must better yourself first.


Thanks for your support everyone.

I’m back home now, and it’s wonderful to be back with my wife and daughter. Have put some steps in place (web blocker with accountability, and have joined an online support group).

My wife is still getting over the pain of my pmo and my deception, but the trust in our marriage has grown. We will be OK.

The honesty has really helped strengthen my resolve and helped me to eliminate my shame (which drives my pmo).

I am determined to make this time count - I’m on the longest streak I ever had. Will get to 37 days today!


Great brother…Understand her and seek her help in your life journey love family …thats it…You will be okay…All The best brother


Thanks bro!

I don’t regret my honesty, although maybe I should have prepared her for it better. It’s great not to have to think hard remembering everything I’ve told her jn the last or worry about disclosing my own lies.

The disclosure felt like rubbing vinegar on a cut, but for me has had a similar effect. I feel far less tempted now, I’m more proud of the man I am.

Really appreciate your support and encouragement. Stay strong. We must become masters of ourselves.


Happy for you together
This is a proof that nothing is one line and there are many tracks and colors to choose it …
Hope that your marriage stay balanced …
Stay_engage_every_moment .