Flatline ( Help Me )

I am just low on energy compared day 20 and Now am on day 27 , can’t do any work , just wasting my time BTW doing exercise daily , still there is some emptiness,
Anyone experienced this please do share


If it is a flatline. It is good you are on the way. May be Ist day of flatline will be the worst. seems nothing in control physically and mentally. After Ist day you have some control, withdrawals will get week everyday. After some days flatline will be vanished for sure. Just be persistent.

In flatline we often thinks that nothing good is happening only bad, I should relapse. Let’s take a break, or I need to feel alive or My emotional state is not enjoying. It is a strong trap of monkey mind please manage it and continues your streak.

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Hey @unknown2323, I had the same question a couple of days ago:

Letting it pass, accepting and ignoring urges was just what helped here … I hope you’re seeing this through!


Let’s hope it passes easily

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This is the time where you need to double your will power Or mental strength that you used on day 1 to 3.

It’s not super easy, but oddly, it helps enjoying it!