Flatline after watching P?

Does watching porn and not masturbate lead my brain into flatline? (I am not very sure about this)


Yes; you may go into a flatline.
One day is guaranted but may extend upto 7 days.

To avoid a flatline from your life i suggest you keep engage yourself in challenging tasks & activities
:heart: progressing in physical excercises.
:heart: progressing in Running.
:heart: Progressing in studying.
:heart: Learning new skills.
:heart: Getting social.
:heart: Dancing.
:heart: Listening to music.
:heart: Focusing on your current & long term goals.
:heart: Attending classes.
:heart: Joining outdoor games club.
:heart: Sitting with your family
:heart: Cracking jokes.
:heart: Tire yourself whole day to get a good night sleep.
:heart: Going in nature for a walk.
:heart: Smiling to strangers.
:heart: Eating your favourite food.
:heart: Watching a movie with a friend.
:heart: Helping others.
:heart: Making new friends.
:heart: Making a good circle of friends.
:heart: Going out for a vacation.
:heart: Working hard in every task .
:heart: Working for others.
:heart: Having emotion of love.
:heart: Meditating with eyes wide open while doing your work.


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