*FLASHBACKS* need advice

.need advice regarding flashbacks .
how to get rid of them .
every time i start journey ,i dont know from where these menories come into my brain.

anyone who has been recovered ,plz tell me how to cope with.it ,& how many.months are required to erase these flashbacks


One way to getting rid of flashbacks and episodes is to RESIST these urges. It will take some time to change the thoughts that come to our mind but eventually with time these things will subside. Just try to ignore the things and place that may cause triggers or give you urges. I am going through this as well. and this has been helping me lately. I hope this can help you too. :+1:



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Exercise, take a cold shower :shower:, and meditate on your reason for doing Nofap and goals you want to accomplish.

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Don’t forget to find a productive and creative hobby. Also, go outside & take a walk in the park, get some fresh air and Vitamin D.

@Nick9 good… … …

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Hey, it’s individual but after 3 weeks you probably can experience improvements. If you see something triggering flashbacks can appear again.

Sometimes it helps if you understand why it’s happening. Probably the book
Your brain on p. rn could help with this. (I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my list)

Good luck!