Fizuli's Reboot Journal

After losing my 37 days streak, it was difficult for me to abstain for more than 16 days. In this days I was so happy and motivated. I have achieved great results in all areas of my life
I started analyze my past success and relapse stories, and realised that I made same mistakes and actions in this days after my personal best.

As a person who interested in psychology I decided to start this journal and use psychology tips and techniques to improve my life and quit PMO.
I will share with you what happened during day and share one lesson from this day.

First of all I decided to get rid of everything that I associate with a past life. I changed my backgrounds from my all devices, installed blockers, changed my bed linens, photos in my room and other. Everything right now reminding me my goals and dreams
Let’s start new life and get rid of this addiction


Week 1

Today was a great and inspiring day
Since I’m planning to move from my family after year, I decided to spend more time with them.
I accomplished one of my yearly goals and rode the Ferris wheel. That was my dream. That was really fearfully in start but then felt myself better, because I won my fear of heights :sweat_smile:. Other family members also enjoyed that
After that spend time with my brother with riding motorbike(with 4 wheels). Another good thing, which I want to do earlier :slightly_smiling_face:
I returned home in night time. After exercising I started to studying. Only 1 hour but this is enough. Right now my daily goal is 2 hours, because my next serious exams will be after year

Lesson of day: short-term enjoyment will give fulfillness feeling for short amount of time, but real happiness will give you fulfillness feeling throghout life. And you have everything for happiness

have a nice days, brothers :v:

this is my first long article from joining Rewire Companion :sweat_smile:


Great to see you write your own diary. This will help you :100::100:


Thank you, brother. InshaAllah it will help me


Week 1

One of the most interesting questions in Reboot Journey: Why am I doing PMO? This is very meaningful question. If you answer: “for feeling of orgasm” then they’re another question “Why?”. Can’t you have this feeling with other things?(feeling of pleasure) You should look deeper for seeing your inner reason.
In childhood time I get a trauma. I didn’t know about his existence. I tried to fight with P and M, but this war was meaningful. Looking like a story about two gardeners:
There was weeds in the gardens of two different gardeners. The first saw the weeds and began to prune them, the second plucked them from the roots. The weeds of the first grew steadily and he did not understand why.

Same situation with this addiction. Shouldn’t we understand real reasons of our addictions and start to solve them?

I’ll continue tomorrow

Lesson of the day: Spend your time only for meaningful things


Week 1

Today was really hard day, urges hitted me every hour :fearful:. Also they’re was huge urges yesterday at night. 2 hours I tried to sleep and ignore this urges and finally slept.
Fizuli 1
Urges 0

Tomorrow will be holiday. Today spend time with my family for preparation. It will be amazing!
But I didn’t studied today. I’m preparing my new study desk. It will be ready in few days.

Let’s continue yesterday’s conversation

I’m not gonna tell you about my childhood trauma, but it happened when I was only 6 years. "Flashbacks " from this trauma I saw through my life until this days. But I didn’t know his existence.
After understanding I can solve it and solve my PMO problem.
As many psychologists say: many of your problems have origins from childhood.

Lesson of the day: be happy with what you have


Week 1

Another amazing day.
I’ve done dopamine fasting for 2 days and tried to spend this time in working on myself.
After quitting PMO you’re starting to realize that there a lot of another problems. That’s a bit scary. But this is real life, not your life from your fantasies…
I’ll do everything for becoming a better man


Hello dear readers of my journal
Feel myself sorry that I was inactive long time. I’ll try to be active in this time
I was clean, but today I relapsed, without touching you know what. I feel myself shocked, because I didn’t expect that. Then I do that 2 times in a row.
Yes, that will be hard to rehabilitate, but I will try my best!
Good night


1 year ago I joined this forum. That’s unbelievable.
Every second in this forum feeling so nostalgic for me.
I remember my first companions, my first challenges, my first messages.
This journey was really worth it.

My longest streak at the last year started at 28th January. It’s time to do it again, but with a new strategy, thoughts, a few days extra( because I’m still clean)

Peace out