Fitness Programs

Can anybody suggest any dope free bodyweight only fitness programs to build muscle I can stick to? Like the Athlean-Xero or similar?

I used to workout with videos of fitnessblender. Just look it up in yt. They have videos with different intentions, but I remember muscle building workouts as well :slight_smile:

@amadeus i was thinking on the lines of a set program, step by step, for optimised growth, where all the info is organised and designed for gradual progress. but i will definitely check them out as well. thanks for the suggestion. :smile:

I see :slight_smile:

Check out their websites. You can pay a few bucks for a training plan consisting of their videos plus a eating plan IIRC


Do you have a pull-up bar or something to do dips on?

Before I started powerlifting, I was big into calisthenics, so if you need any advice on exercises, sets&reps, full range of motion, diet, ect., dm me