Fitness/Muscle Building vs Fap

Hey everyone. I am 30 years old. I have been struggling with this addiction since 11 years ago when first time I know porn. Haha yeah, quiet old for a guy to discover porn on 19 years old.

I read a lot of forums discussing about workout/muscle building vs fapping. I found 2 opinions: 1. Fap will destroy our muscle building program and 2. No correlation between them, you can build muscles even you do fap regularly.

My opinion goes to number 1. Because I did workout regularly, correct forms, correct meal plans etc, but I fap regularly as well. I gain a very little progress compared to other friends who are not in fap addiction. When I tried to avoid fap/PMO for a months, I got a very different performance on my muscles. I got more muscle mass and powers. But doing more workouts become a bigger problem to avoid fap. Also cycling. Every night I can not resist for not doing it, better blood circulation makes me depressed every night, I lost the battle every night.

I am here just want to know if you guys have similar experience or a sport lovers who also battled with PMO. Please share your opinion :wink:


Yes, you’re absolutely right.
The semen released when we fap contains a lot of essential nutrients that aid muscle growth.
Also do you know what is arguably the most most important ion for sperm?
Also, do you know whats arguably the most important ion for muscles?
When you don’t fap, the sperm are ‘recycled’ and nutrients go back to your body.
Also, fapping make you feel tired and not work out.
When I am on higher no Fap streaks, my abs, biceps, etc. develop faster with workouts.

Also, fapping decreases testosterone levels. Testosterone is needed to develop muscles, broaden your shoulder,etc.

Stay pumped.


Hi my friend. I’m not an English speaker so I’m sorry for my mistakes.

I’m a little older then you. I’m working out since some years and fapping too much. I’m ectomorphe so it’s not easy for me to build mass and because of fapping it’s harder too. I’m at day 1 so I don’t know if my muscle will grow more if I stop fap but I read some articles or people talking about a muscle growing and clean weight gains after they stop with porn addiction. I don’t know if it’s the truth or not, but I’ll let you know. Yesterday I worked out as always but before going to bed I didn’t fap. It was not easy but it’s just a mental issue. I mean, my penis was not excited so why I had to fap? This is the thing I’m repeating from yesterday. I didn’t have any erection since yesterday so I don’t need to fap. Stop. And yes I slept at 4am. I’m sure u know how it’s difficult to sleep without fapping. But it’s OK it will get better tonight.


Bro, even if there is an erection, there is no need to fap. It is just blood circulation, not a circular issued by the president to fap mandatorily at any cost.


Faping lowers the testosterone level, scour microelements from organism by making it create new semen. Semen is a new life and from the biologically point of view it is reasonable to prioritize production of sperm over for example building muscle or even thinking correctly. Everything is great when you do sex with real girl becouse of attracting girl to your lifestyle means that your life goes to good direction. Masturbarion is tricking the mind and pretend that everything is great even if reality it even not seems to be ok.

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Yes, Calcium is key nutrients for muscles, bones and semen. Now I am facing terrible joints problem and osteopenia (close to osteophorosis) just at my late 20s (soon 30 yo). I believe it came from my PMO addiction, too many semen release. Now I found this app and I should fight my life before I got a cracked bones. For everyone out there, stop fapping NOW!


Take it easy. I am also not fluent in English hehe.
I can understand your position. I am a mesomorph so little bit easier to gain mass but not a clean muscle. Each night is a battle for all of us, sleeping without fapping is our mission. But for me, second trial came in the dawn time.

My ‘junior’ will become harder to handle haha. In my country, we sleep with a long pillow, usually we hug it. Sometimes I can resist to think this pillow is a human.

Today is my day 5 (but recorded as day 2 in the app), I believe I can do it forever after seeing many guys out there battling the sam issues.

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Don’t worry brother,
I’m an ectomorph too.
But consistent dedicated exercisea and no fap gave me good gains, not yet those of a mesomorph, but I’m not ‘lanky’ anymore
But there are benefits man,
Ectomorphs can eat how much they want, and not worry about getting fat, as long as they work out( please, no offense to anyone).
Ectomorphs have to do less work to get results, even though it’s mostly lean muscle.

About your bone pain, make sure you spend atleast 15 min in direct sunlight between 8 and 10 am for 5 days each week.(No, you cannot make up for sunlight by eating foods rich in vitamin D)

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From my experience … i found out that fapping more than your body capability will stop the growth of muscle fibers. so you can be lean or have cuts like bruxe leee… but you cant gain like john cena… because musle building requires tsterone… which is wasted when u ejaculate… so its better to reduce masturbation to least so it wont disturb ur goals.

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Haha yeah sometimes I also think about all the expenses for whey, chicken breast, vegetables which lost due to this useless habbit. Haha. Seems like useless all of those nutritious thing just goes to the toilet paper and sewer :laughing: haha

Yeah keep working out guys, we can achieve our goals to be more masculine and healthy


I think masterbation lower our thinking capacity and ultimately whole body gets impacted means body due to less focus and even mind .


I don’t know the exact science behind it, but I do know that taking nofap seriously, and also incorporating dopamine detox, will lead to better performance during your workouts, and a healthier eating pattern. Your drug is no longer pmo, but fitness. You will put more effort into your fitness and nutrition, and therefore have bigger gains.

Regardless of anything else, it’s for certain that doing nofap will make you happier and more fulfilled. You will also be able to find your purpose in life.


The idea is that, your brain stops getting bombarded with dopamine.
Earlier, it would be;
Me: Let’s workout! I’ll feel happy building my muscles!
Brain: Nah man I’m good. No need, got enough dopamine from watching random pixels on a screen.
Now it is,
Me: Let’s workout! I’ll feel happy building my muscles!
Brain: Yes bro, please!! I need some dopamine at least!
I used this method to explain because I thought it would be easier to understand

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This method doesn’t work effectivelyif you have alternative dopamine producers, like,

  1. Social media
  2. YouTube
  3. Music ( listening to songs) etc.
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Howevrr, I still need some social media as I work to manage some IG accounts. I have try to control myself but sometimes I switch to personal account and see explore tab. I frequently set “not interested” to those triggering posts. After several days, those type of posts nearly gone. I do not need them. I need a person in real life.

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