First stage of no fap challenge

It is very difficult to give up porn addiction but I will never gonna give up


U can do share code emhwte

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We all here waiting your great inspiration , make your plan , do it , falling sometimes , but that’s ok , being again … Etc
That’s life , come on express how you are ?! Appreciated without waiting any thing …
Doing hard …

Btw : I’m a girl …sister not a man.


Thanks for the encouragement

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Hey can we add each other my sharing code is utzz10

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If motivation helps you, you can add me for motivation

Hey man I know is hard during the beginning but later on, it becomes very easy.

Here is a video of a popular YouTuber, this video has helped me with porn.

Link -

Pls I request you to not flag this because it has link in it. Im not promoting anything for my benefit. I’m posting this voluntarily.

Hope it helps you too :smile: