First post. Hoping that being present in this community will keep me focused

Relapsing is such a huge mental drain, so I figured posting anything will cement my resolve. I want to enjoy life again, and not feel like my happiness is tied to a number that keeps getting reset in a hellish cycle of shame. I want to lose track of the days clean.

If joining a community will help my journey and lead to a more fulfilling life then I have no reason not to be active here.

Good luck everyone, we are good enough and a number doesn’t define who we are - it’s the desire to change and help ourselves that matters. Maybe I’m just typing this to tell myself what I need to hear.


Welcome To Rewire Companion Community buddy :gem: Just a suggestion: if you want, you can read topics and replys a bit to better know about this Forum and how people interact with each other.
I am looking forward to read your posts :grin:

Good luck warrior :fire:


Hihi what are you doing?

I personally think most of what we need to hear, in a moment of deep reflection, we voice them out, so I would suggest you pay attention to what you say per time.

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