First mile stone

Hey every 1
I’m going to challenge myself for 15 days nofap
Any 1 seriously interested can join me
So strictly no porn
Not even soft porn
15 days can be achieved
So any 1 willing to join
Share u code and current streak
If u r at 4 days streak np
We will consider 15 days from this day
All the best
My code is c1b5vv

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Im currently on day 6 and i would love to join you in a 15 day challenge.

Sharing code pzynqx

Current streak 6 days
Longest streak 10 days
Age 25
Gender M
Location USA

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Hey guys any 1 want to start exercise streak
I mean exercise helps in transmuting the sexual energy
So here is a yoga challenge
Download track yoga app
And chose the beginner course
It’s for 10 days
So no missing
5 times a week
So let’s do it
Those interested put ur code
U will have to update on sunday that 5 days done
Yoga is one of the best ways to transmute sexual energy
So those ready can ping here
Thank you

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So basically ur target is 6 +15 = 21 days
All the best