First entry - Now at day 6.8 - every hour counts to new record

Hi, im using this app since some days and now im exactly on my record 6.8 days…
When i started NF, i decided to never give up until i have no more problems with this shit. That is about 3 months ago… And now is the time, when i reach my first (very little, i know) goal, if i i wont relapse the next about 3 hours… Im so hyped…
My body and mind is “exploding”, if u know what i mean.

Sry if my english is bad, because thats not my main language


Welcome brethren,
I am so happy for your new record. You have no idea what it feels like when you are on a one month streak. Its bliss.
Let me tell us first month is the month of Labour. You have to walk on throns to reach the heaven.
Yes ! You will be sometimes feels better, sometimes not but that is when god test you on this journey. Pass this hurdle and enjoy its fruits later on.

And if you want to walk with me in this journey, Take part in my World Championship and Tag team champions group. Its for beginners like us.