First day .....just want to stop fapping

First time on this app …need suggestions


You have to be very determined to do nofap. And remember you will lose many times. But never give up!
I’m not yet successful in nofap
What I do daily to beat urges
#1: take cold showers!
#2: I want to grow muscle so I push up and lift some weight.
#3: when you get urges you will immediately forget all benefits of nofap. Just feel the urge by meditating and don’t act on it.
#4: when you get to a long streak ( for eg 8-9 days ) you will have thoughts like" I will just watch a p*** video but I will not masturbate" but don’t even try to do this you will end up fapping.
#5: do not procastinate! And never be bored.

I hope it helps you a little. all the members of this forum are very supportive! They will sure give better suggestions than me.
Stay strong brother!


First days…we are very much confident about nofap.

I would suggest you to start reading diaries, journals, success stories, accountibility groups, advice groups and many more things on this forum. Each and every person’s entry will give you idea about nofap, benefits, PMO etc.


It’s up to you to stop it man.
We are here to help, but you also have to take steps, like blocking your phone (if you want), and limiting time on web.
A very important thing is to never fantasise. That’s the first step to relapse.
Join an accountability group. It will help you.

Also remember, no fap alone will not give you results, it’s hard work and discipline that will.

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It is crucial to beleive that it is possible. Make it clear in your mind that it can be done and it is you who can achieve it. No one here will be able to do it for you, but when doubt comes up in you, we will be here to strenghten your faith that yes, even in the deepest point it is still possible to go through and come to the light as a renewed person.
If you beleive it, you will find your way to change your thoughts, your daily routine and all your steps in practice. As the guys already mentioned, you can learn from others’ experiences on this forum and never be ashamed to ask your questions. We will be here to back you up.

Be strong brother!