First day here. Dont know what to do

I masturbate daily… 2 to 3 times a night… I am always horny. I hate myself. I watch porn or some sex scenes or even a hot pica nd i start masturbating. I feel really bad afterwards. I am in a relationship . I feel week in front of the opposite sex. It hurts to be like this. I wanna change evrythng. I dnt knw how. Help…!

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Welcome to the free forum where everyone are free to share their confessions, advices, their stories, etc. We all share a common reason which is to get rid of PMO-addiction. Doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. Long story short this is a better community for you and for us that have porn and masturbation addiction. You’ll mostly find better answers here than on reddit. Cheers

Weakness is death my friend, Nofap is Strength

Take a paper & pen. :black_nib:
Write down your times of weakness.
Write down… What steps you can take to surpass them ?
Example : your weakness is alone time. When you are alone at home, you relapse . So whats plan to tackle it ? … GET SOCIAL.

Like this first define your urges.
If you can see them coming… you can prepare yourself for them

Make a battleplan boy, this is war