Finding the brothers

Hello everyone, I am new here and I seek for friends whow want to join to me with no fap challenge. For chatting and supporting.
20 y.o.
Current objective 20 days without fap
From Russia)

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Hey bro! Welcome. An older guy here. Happy to support u in this journey. How long have you been on no fap?

Happy to join.
Sharing code - fo1x2a

Hi Shaktiman …how has ur no fap journey been?

Hello everyone!) Thanks for answering. What is the sharing code and what I must do with it?)
About my best steak
My record is 18 days l. It was be in July. Since July I try to break this record, but I lose(
Now I am faping for 2 times per week avg

Well. Am an older guy. Been fapping for 25 years :joy:. Never realised it was a problem. Most people used to tell me it was normal. But, more recently i have found that pmo damages the brain. So, trying to quit. Tried last week. My best streak was 7 days.


For sharing code u need to look for the icon at the bottom of the page. It is the one with two people. Once u hit that u can see an orange circle with dots. Hit that too. One if the oprions fives u your code. You can use that to follow people or people could use that to follow u. My sharing code: ftn6bz
You can add your friends under add companion

Ohh, thanks, I add you

I add you, but can’t text

Ok no worries. Hope we both improve our respective streaks

Hi windsor
My journey has been with several ups and down .
Highest streak -21 days

Your sharing code Windsor?

I could really use the help of friends on this same path. I’m 22 years old.
Aleboss, я говорю по-русски, если хочешь.
Sharing code: 5mmbxa

Mate, welcome. I hope u progress on this road to recovery.

My sharing code 302pue

Mate, hope all is well. Not sure if i had actually given you my code earlier. My code is: ftn6bz
So sorry if i have not shared this earlier.

Anyway, mate… how r u holding up?

I am good. Been busy with sports and study so not that much of time to think about porn.
Earlier I used to get many urges in 3-4 days only but now it’s been 12 days and no major urges. Anyway thanks for asking. How’s ur journey?. Let’s hit the 90 days target this time

Hey buddy,
Congrats ur on day 12. Good to keep busy. What sport r u into?

Cricket. I am from india

Hello Guys, What’s up.
let’s Join My Sharing Code 8gheah

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