Finding an better application for working out?

We need to find an good application for improving fitness,so pls guys tell me an good app to improve weight as well as fitness .also it can be simple to operate…


Seriously no jokes there is a lot of guys out there such as Jordan Yeoh, Fraser Wilson, Chris Harea (some footballers too like Christiano Renaldo too) that brings the gym to you in the comfort of your own home. Awesome bodyweight exercises so no equipment required.

Challenges too. Like training like a US soldier Navy seal. The bring sally up challenge . The baby shark abs challenge etc.

Also good eating tipes and also healthy recipes can be found here. Too and so many tutorials to pick from.

Seriously no jokes. I also ran through dosens of apps and most like freeletics( awesome app maybe i don’t know since i must pay to get workouts or diets) , 30/21 day abs apps. Thenics, bodyweight freestyle, sort of knock off Calenestetics apps. But if you wanna good app you got to be wanting to spend money.

Sure there is bodyweight training at home app which is good and you can target every muscle , but they are repetitive and boring and lack fun or to motivate you.

When on YouTube as the Youtuber is your gym buddy you feel motivated and also have nice music and also have a clear view on how to do the exercises and also receive advice and tips on them and not some knockoff version animation.

My results I have made was amazing and also the awesome thing is the time factor. Nice quick and easy 5 min workouts and it is truely on the money and you can definitely feel you trained in this short span of time. (Trust me I thought I was fit until I tried them.) Even some 30 min workouts that’s on there , man it is intense and you’ll definitely know that you worked out. I get tired with these workout where as with the apps I don’t know I kinda don’t push myself as hard and don’t feel like I have worked out.

Oh and 95% of the apps use Youtube to show better tutorials for the exercises too if the animated help doesn’t really make sense for you.

Well, thought Youtube was bad? Well rethink it’s use for you!!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome !!!

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I couldn’t understand bro pls tell me the channel name in youtube

Good article, thanks so much.

Hi , this is a good one because you can play it offline :blush: and you can download some programs to be ready after :+1:

If you don’t like it check this on forum :+1::blush:

Be briliant one .


For bodybuilding, I recommend Fitness and Bodybuilding. Easy app, easy to use, create days, several workouts, sets, timers, everything.

Simple strength training and muscle building without weights, here is Home Workout - No equipment. So much variations of simple exercises like push ups, dips, squats, sit ups, etc.

For Calisthenics skills and slowly advancing yoga moves, there are two apps. One is Thenics, other is Thenx. First is easier, but there is not much content in it. Other one is gonna bit cost.

Hope it helped.

The app recommend by @NhTbH is decent. I used to use it till like @Cubenix said, I found killer workouts in YouTube. Don’t remeber where, it was last year, but I still follow the sets even now.

Maybe you could start with that app, but YouTube is the way to go.

Pls tell me the app name / channel name anyone

Sure I have a few channels on YouTube:

For body weight training I would recommend:

  • Lu strength and therapy = He gives essential stretches for specific parts of the muscles. Sure it is a therapeutic stretch, but you can condition and strengthen your muscles with the exercises. Which is important to improve form and to execute exercises without the risk of injury. ( important to warm up and do streches and also a great way to relieve muscle tension after a exercise session.

-Fraser wilson. Awesome short and intense workouts mostly ranging between 5 -15 mins.(Also like a semi-vlog where he will chat about nutrition and some theories on cold showers etc. ) don’t have much experience with this side of the channel as I mainly use the circuits.

  • Jordan Yeoh Fitness. He makes also great tutorials on proper form in push-ups and has great tips to follow. Light on equipment? Well no problem just grab some water bottles and a towel to do some exercises.

He also has good exercise circuits ranging from 5 to 30 mins mostly. Also released a video where you can follow along with or without weights. Also he gives leveled exercises too depending on how far you are in terms of fitness.

The awesome part of him is say he makes a 20 rep exercise you’ll see him also taking it slow to control the reps better. Say if he gets to 12 or 13 push-ups depending on the set amout he briefly stop for a 5 sec rest and then carry on. He is definitely open and knows how difficult it is and it motivates you to keep up and do the exercises properly and in good form.

For more tutorial based with equipment and a few bodyweight exercises:

-Athlenx they do have 1 or two circuits to follow along,(bodyweight wise more specific for abs) but the host Jeff actually talks more about effective exercises to do and give more in depth analysis of muscles like the tricep for example. That it has 3 heads and they activate all differently and shows exercises to do to fire up the different heads. ( sadly most of it is gym oriented or weight so some equipment is needed) lucky they also experiment nowadays with some benefits towards challenges ( I laughed as they tested the benefits of doing the “baby shark ab challenge for 30 days”)

  • Jeremy Ethier same as Athlenx , but I haven’t explored the channel much he shows form and does exercise or explaining trough a lot of studies about exercises.

  • For Calenestetics

Sadly I haven’t explored bar workouts yet on YouTube, but I believe you’ll get tons of tips and skills if you just type in “How to do a pull-up” or muscle up or that sortof thing. YouTube is very open and versatile

Just for fun and motivation to try out

You can also Youtube search the following challenges:

  • The murph exercise challenge

  • Bring Sally up ( Sit-up / push-ups/ squats/ pull-up) challenge ( lots of variation on this one)

  • Train like "one punch man "
    (Also on some other anime characters or film stars ) train like Chris Hemsworth ( Thor)

  • Train like a US military personnel ( this could also range to a different country mostly) as well as their navy officers.

  • oddly enough I also seen some celebrities have a workout motivation channel and give some tips too ( As mentioned christiano Renaldo gives some tips and training too) and as mentioned some guys test out to train like them.

Mainly these videos are build on before and afters. Some are follow alongs, but they share the main aspects of reps and sets to do. So if you are interested in maybe doing a challenge for a month you can see the results other found during this time. This I found is super motivating too.

  • Diet wise

Well I haven’t touched this topic too much as I mainly just focus on the exercises, but however you can randomly search about specific diets and the benefits there of. Also some guys do exeperiments like cutting sugar out of their diet.

The diets are can also be based on celebrities and I also think guys explore this and what they experience during a period of time.

Also mainly you can get the concept of what to eat and to avoid based off the video’s as it is deeply explained. As mentioned Fraser wilson and some other guys who has a youtube channel about fitness will cover a diet plan or what they eat and avoid.

Diets you could explore

  • Keto diet

  • Banting

  • The Daniel fast ( Eating only fruit and vegetables mainly raw, and just to drink water)

Like I said it has a great search engine so it is easy to find what you are looking for