Finding a new hobby while on my streak

Currently on day 13. Feels like ages since i have started.
I do sports regulary, but for personal reasons had to stoped before my streak a little bit, so the joy of doing sports is not a new phenomenon for me. (Makes my streak much harder that I can’t do it now.)
Found a new fascination tought. It’s Tea. I had no idea that tea can be this interesting and inspiring. Seriously. This really became a passion to me in the last couple of days.
And i kid you not it helps to maintain a healthy balance in my mind.
Have you guys also found some new hobbies while being on your streak? Or picked up some new things while living a sober pmo-free life? Share it below please! I’m honestly curious!


I jad started swimming,Badminton ,guiter along with my work to keep myself busy


I started learning Japanese and Programming (Javascript).