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I have fell hundreds times, and this time I thought that I need someone that can help me to survived along this journey and give me some strength,and fighting together. and let’s stay anonymous.

Hey Kelabu,

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Some things about me:
Male, 23 with sever P.I.E.D. (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction) to the point I cannot feel orgasms when I’m by myself. (They call that Ejaculatory Anhedonia) I previously had a 120 day streak and for the first time in 8 years felt an orgasm. What my doctor and I beleive happend is that I’ve got an overexpression of ΔFosB, the chemical found in all addictions. One of the symtoms of addiction being desentization. Research estimates that it takes less than 2 weeks for ΔFosB to accumulate in the nucleus ambiens. Only after a month of being P.I.E.D. free I started looking at porn 10 days later I lost all feeling again. So I’m on a journey to 90 days. I want you to know whatever your going through we’ll make it through together. I’ve got lots of tips and information as to how to overcome this, so if you have any questions just ask. I’m also looking for an active companion that will check into the forum/write every few days so we can stay motivated.

If you haven’t already checked out for the science behind porn addiction. I recommend you do.

Some tips that really helped me the first time.
• Take cold showers
~ Cold showers are good for your skin, and self-disciplne. Anytime, I’m home alone and have a strong urge I shock my system by taking a cold shower.
• Start an exercise regement
~ I started running a 5k everyday, just to push myself. It took me several months to drop from 40min. to 28min. Like everything else, progress requires patience. If your just starting out I recommend this Rowing Machine from Amazon.
I bought this recently but, I really enjoy it as an alternative to Running.

• Install a porn blocker on your devices
~ This was a big one, for android/google play I recommend the app Truple Web Filter it’s free and as far as I know does not require an account. I also, lock the porn blocker with another app called Smart AppLock. For computer I blocked my favorite sites using this method my PC is also in a public room of the house so I never had any real urges to use it anyway.
• Emissions during sleep are a sign of progress. (might not apply as a woman)
~ Typically refered to as “Wet Dreams” they are a sign of your body taking care of itself, and rewiring. Not relapse.
• Do not edge
~ Edging is the act of masturbation without ejaculation. This has the same effect as ejaculation and will stop your recovery. Don’t do it even without porn it’s not ok.
• Start a hobby
~ I started painting 28mm wargaming models this time around.
• Get out and socialize (after quarintine)
~ This was key to reducing feelings of loneliness, I also got some friends to start running with me.
• Eat healthier/less sugar
~ I eat quaker oatmeal everyday for breakfast, and a salad/soup for lunch, and I find new reciepes to cook for dinner from a cook book. I recommend the Fit Men Cookbook by Kevin Curry. If this is your kind of thing.
• Random Erections/Flatlines are a sign of health (might not apply as a woman)
~ in my case during the 120 days I first encountered a flatline, then had a wet dream, before I began having random erections throughout the day. These are signs of progress, but don’t panic if they don’t happen to you. As everyone’s body is different they might not be signs for you. I would go at least 90 days and try to find a partner for sex. Not masturbating during the extra time.

I’d like to add that I didn’t implement everything in one day. This was over the course of 4-5 months. I don’t know where you are in your journey, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. I’m currently looking for a way to have the Rewire app notify me if I recive a message, so far no luck. So, if I don’t get back you sometimes it is either that, I’m at work or sleeping. But, I’ll try to check in as much as possible.

Best Wishes,

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