Finding a companion with US, Pacific timezone[UTC-8] up

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Current streak - 0 days, previously 13 days.
Highest streak - 66 days
Age - 21, turning 22 in a few days.
Gender - M, probably gay
Location - California, US.

Why I want a companion -
I want to share sexual struggles someone.

That someone has to:
Have US-Pacific timezone[UTC-8]
Use discord, I use discord most, besides Facebook messanger sometimes for SMS messaging. I don’t use whatsapp, Kik.
Have things in common with me. About me is below.
Be a guy, I like guys more than gals.

About me:

Three scenarios that I’m vulnerable to:
Nearly full bladder stimulate nerve endings and cause erection during and after sleep.
I want to cover my erection that naturally occurs from time to time.
I want to cover erections I get when I’m sleep deprived and I’m more stupid, feelings of anxiety and depression.

I don’t want to throw away my previous life energy that I’ve saved for weeks and/or months.
I’d rather use my life energy on things that increase the well-being of myself and others. How can I care for others when. I dont want to care for myself?

I currently work M-F in Downtown LA fashion district. I’m planning to announce to my co workers that I will this job that I’ve been for six months tomorrow.
I like to work with people who respect me and I respect them.
I like people whose words aren’t far off from their actions.
I like people who say what they think before their thoughts and emotions erupt like a volcano.

I learned a lot from this experience, this is my first job.

Reading/hearing, any book. My favorite is an encyclopedia called internet and WWW, or world wide web.
Learning, clear misconceptions.
Planning, I used to play a lot of Tetris. Long term plan: go to school, join air force, get a degree, get a job. Short term plan: Leave job, learn to drive, help father with his plumbing business.
Talking, who doesn’t like to talk? Moreover, no one can live without talking with anyone.
Hiking, I hike once ever two weeks with my parent.
Eating, esp. healthy food/supplements
Playing music, e.g. piano, classical music.

If you have interest:
PM your discord handle and make a post here with your ID, with information about yourself.

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