Finding a companion for extreme dedication

Sharing code - 7viliw *

Current streak - 1 day*
Highest streak - 5 days *
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - IN

Why I want a companion - Well, I have been addicted very much to the fapping to the limit that I have did 7 time a day once to just check how far I can go. Now, as I have decided to go 0 from now on to the max I can do, I would like to have some other warriors as a companion with me which will help me a lot and would be fun to have.

Add me if you would like to participate in that hard challenge.


Hi Friend, Today is my 4th day, but it is very difficult. Today I am feeling necesity to do it, but I am trying to resist.

Good luck friend in your figth.


That’s great that you have built your resistance :smiley: and effectively dealing with it. Keep it up and that demon will get defeated by you​:fire:

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