Finaly reached 30 days!

So here ends my first challenge…

Hello companions, today is my 30th day on nofap. It means 1 month of abstinence from PMO.

The first days were the harder ones. First week is the uglyest. I felt tired and out of energy because of masturbating. Also I had less motivation, so it was hard not to relapse. Was crucial to stay focused on your goals, and not lie much on bed or sofa.

The second week was easier than the first. On that week I had the testosterone rise, so I was thinking on sex every time. But it was easier than the fisrt week because of my motivation levels and my energy.

The third week was the easiest. No urges, lot of energy, lot of motivation. On that week I had a “wet” dream. It was not “wet” because on the moment of ejaculation I woke up and force the semen not to exit contracting the perineum muscles. Because of that, I wasnt tired. Wet dreams feel like a relapse.

The last week was a little bit harder than the third, but also easy. Sometimes I had experienced wavess of little urges. It was so easy to fight them: Doing nothing, and stay with my family.

Today is my 30th day, and now I know it isnt impossible to do this. Now I know I can do everything I want to.

Do you want to know something about my 30 days journey? Leave me a comment, dont be shy C;