Finally urges are gone again 🙏

Hello l am on my 35 day on my no fap journey. I got some urges in afternoon. Because l some Asian drama 1 episode but their not any unfavorable seen which give me tiggred l think. Then after 1 hour l feel some high urges of memes on social media. Before 1 day l got use my fb account where some memes are going through. And one meme l read it about myntra logo l didn’t understand that meme. Then l read the comment . Then l got something :thinking:. Then also meme of Amazon l don’t understand again this time l don’t read a comment. I think of people are free these day’s. Then l found one conclusion that lady case resiter again myntra logo. How she is deep thinker​:joy::sweat_smile::rofl:. Where as me l don’t have much time to manage my things​:sweat_smile:. How people got much time to think like that​:thinking::joy:. This is reason l got some urges become of some unfavorable meme. Then l calm my mind :smirk:after 15 to 30 min urges are gone.Finally got save me another time. I really believe in God and God always helping me lot. This time l don’t give up yess u can’t do it. I believe in myself and God prayer and wisdom​:pray:


You should avoid web series and bollywood movies. They are full of triggers and erotic scenes.


Totally right brother… Leaving social media and movies( series and animes also) is a must to follow condition to achieve a higher level streak. Visual triggers are the cause of 95% relapses.

After avoiding visual triggers, just sexual thoughts and physical urges remain. Staying busy is the best weapon against them. For thoughts, just focus on something else. After practicing this technique to stay busy, urges and thoughts will be very easy to handle and will not be a cause for concern.


Yess u guys are right @the_shivam and @NeverGiveup420 1 year before l already quit a social sites like insta, Snapchat etc now l only have YouTube and WhatsApp for study. But my fb account is also deactivated now. But sometimes l activated my fb like months. But now l decided l am dactivating my fb ld for a year. I don’t watch any drama Asian series . :pray:


That’s great :+1:. Best of luck for your streak and life.
God bless you.


you are amazing warrior , I believe I. You … :muscle::muscle:

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