Finally not replase 😢

Hello everyone l share very horrible story today l just watched series that time l don’t feel any peeking. But now go through horrible accident on l hours before l found high urges that time l watching a YouTube suddenly some tiggred content on screen it’s like do or die condition on me. This time my mind tricking on me. My inner voice say you are no fap journey this time is not break them. Then my mind again tricking on me for 2 min pleasure :face_with_raised_eyebrow::slightly_frowning_face:. That time conflict between my mind and my inner soul. This is very horrible Suitation. That time one main point hitting on my inner voice that is body is just like cloth or organic matter which destroy after death but soul is nor destroy or die. These things sri krishna say in mahabharat . I watched whole mahabharat 2 times. This times my devoted or spiritual bhakati toward God safe my life :pray: this time l am not use any social platform’ and tiggred content this time l decided not whatch any things like series.; serial animes:; Asiandrama all this thing are quite. God safe my life again :pray:


You haven’t failed yet! You have another chance , stand up and try again.
And don’t regret that will lead to multiple relapses. Avoid watching any kind of web series atleast in your initial time.


5 days left to finish our challenge . U have come so far in this challenge and now u want to go back ?

Stay strong we both will win


Yess l don’t regret this time l don’t give up brother @the_shivam l fight again


Thank you brother @Dean_Ambrose yess l don’t won’t back to hell. I fight again


Always keep in mind, one relapse can change the whole story. Its very hard to rise but very easy to fall.