Finally found a solution for a problem I've had

My name is Einar and I’m a porn addict.

The problem (well one of them) I’ve been struggling with for quite some time now is this:
Two nights every other week I have to sleep alone, and since it is work related I have to sleep with my phone on next to me. This usually correlates with the end of a one week or two week streak. And that is usually when I have the worst urges.
So far this has led me to relapse pretty much every time. This is the fist time I haven’t relapse during this time for what feels like forever.
The reason for this is an app that I saw someone in this forum talking (well writing) about called Stay focused.

Now if I install a pornblocker, the first thing I do is try to beat it… I know it’s stupid but that’s how I work. And the same happened when I installed the stay focus app. I tried to beat it, and I tried some more and then I became fanatic about it… I don’t know how many many hours I tried to fool it, circumvent it, uninstall it, everything I could think about.
This is the fist time ever an app has prevented me from watching porn. And I love it for it.

It works by you deciding which apps you want to block and setting a time restriction on them. During that time you won’t be able to open those apps, no matter what!!!
Oh should also mention that this is the paid version I use, but it’s very cheap and well worth it :grin:

Love and respect to you all


Thanks for the info bro

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Good job man, Even i used a some Porn blocker app(I dont remember the name but was kinda parental control app) during the initial stages, i was able to unlock it but the purpose of using that, made me stop visiting the P sites, I mostly used this app to completely filter out the browsing , Anyways it kinda worked for me too. Thanks for sharing