Figuring this out after all of this time

It seems like this has finally clicked in my head. I always had this impression that my addiction was part of this “i have a high sex drive” or that im also addicted to masturbation. Well I can say with certainty that it’s a porn addiction through and through. Idk why it took forever for me to see this for what it is. Maybe it was denile or it was a way for my to justify a relapse but once I tested this i found out for certain. I can’t promise that a relapse won’t happen again but now with no excuses other than the addiction itself I have gained a new sense of strength. Today I was having a hard time but was able to pull myself out of it. It’s been now 3 days clean and I’m working on number 4. I want to do better for myself and my family and while I can’t really go to my wife for help considering this issue almost ruined our relationship when I initially told her I know this community could be something that could really help me I’m just very antisocial so communicating is a very difficult thing for me to do. I just am proud of myself that this issue and the solution is completely clear to me.


Really happy for you man , Keep going

Unfortunately today I was having a difficult day at work and had a moment of weakness and relapsed. I was reading a post about how someone didn’t see any tangible benefits to quitting after a month and it justified it to the point where I got weak. I’m going to see how 6 months of giving it up can be a benefit to me since I have a full understanding but I’m still going to keep pressing on and being better


Exactly what i used to think too :rofl:


Hey man where are you from ??
Did you get addicted before you had gf/wife ??

How did pmo affected your performance with wife ?
Did you get any PIED before marriage ?
What was her reaction when you told her about your addiction ??

Last one : how come people still watch porn when they get gf/wife ??

I have never been in relationship so i hooked to internet Porn.

I am asking because in summer i may get married.

I have been addicted since I was 16 but it got a lot worse about 5 or 6 years ago due to a bad break up.
It has absolutely no effect on my performance with my wife
I have experienced a little bit of that but only when I ejaculate within a specific time frame.
Her reaction was she felt like it was something along the same line of cheating. It wasn’t pleasant and tbh I wish i never told her.
My addiction has absolutely nothing to do with sex or lack of it. It doesn’t have to due with me masturbating. It’s just an overwhelming desire to see it. The best way to explain it’s like if i was to tell someone addicted to pain pills to just take Tylenol instead because it also gets rid of pain.

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If you have wife then how come you are still doing pmo ? I believe people hook to screen due to inability to get a partner . Its not common or accepted to have relationship here.

Correct me if i am wrong

Your beliefs don’t apply to everyone else. It’s an addiction and everyone deals with addiction differently. It’s that simple.


You are totally wrong brother, there are lots of people out here who are in relationship and suffering from pmo addiction. And that’s not uncommon.

If you get money at home , why would you look to loot a bank :flushed: .

These are my thoughts maybe because i have never been in relationship

Never been physical with real person so i really dont have that much of knowledge .

I thought people hook to screen because they can’t get a partner. And once they get one , why anyone would use screen anymore?

The answer of this question is :point_down:t2::

When you’d get married you’d know, sex and addiction are two different things.

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