Fighter_and_Brave 's daily Diary

It’s my diary in which I will update my daily stuffs, ,fight with PMO,new ideas and even my relapses if ever happened and will analyze so that I can improve myself.

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@Ash_Matt are you moderator??
How you got that access?
Just asking.
How you become moderator?

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Since last week I was quite busy in preparation of family function.
I learned some very interesting thing about no fap:
1.i was really busy all day from morning to night.
2.i was surrounded by lots of interesting people all time.
3.most important I was with one of my best friend all time.
This environment filled a fresh confidence inside me.I swear that in all this time not a single time I thought about those things.Actually I was really happy with myself at that time. I was enjoying being real myself as a result you can see my streak.
What I learnt is keep your self as busy as possible make yourself tired by doing that much hardwork so that you forgot to masterbate at your bed in evening , enjoy every moment and company of your life with someone.

Today is one of my good days.I realized that I have some sort of urges not very strong but Still it is there.If I will loose my grip I will fall again in that hell.I need to make more efforts to overcome that.
Today I started evening and morning running so that I can exhaust my energy in +ve is quite helpful for few hours to forgot totally about that urges. I will overcome it.

Yesterday night I relapsed again.But the good thing is I have a streak of seven days after a long time.
Now I will make atleast streak of one month this time.I also started doing exercises so that I can control over my energy.