Few Man in History

Few man have masterted their sexual energy in history. They say their sexual energy rises up towards their head. They truly unlocked the true potential of a human. They had found mysterious powers of a human. Everyone of us has that powers but only few man in history unlocks them.
Sexual mastery is one of the way to unlock them. By fully aware of the sexual energy and transmuting it is the way without expelling it out. We should try to meditate and know its source of origin. By knowing the source we can awaken our Kundlini.

Kundlini is source of our power. It like a sleeping cobra. When it awakes it stands upright. And like this, the source of power unlockes and Rises high up into our brain and opens the doors of Heaven.

The few man in history includes gods of different religions and genious people who invent various science Tools etc.