Few doudbts regarding Nofap

Hi guys,
I need advices on few things which are talked during nofap.
*)Does meditation really help to do nofap easily.Has anyone who did meditation regularly found it helping to do nofap.Also mention the benefits you have got from meditating.
*)Effect of food on nofap.I observe High urges in me when I eat non veg food but do others observe the same.Since nonveg food has other benefits I am not able to decide to stop eating nonveg completely.

Anyone has any views on this??

Yes bro meditation boostes the recovery and lessen the urges.And about the food I think you should eat veg foods rich in fibre avoid fast foods and oily foods.it not good for your health and also not for nofap.Have a nice day brother

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Well, I’m still in the process of mastering germination of seeds. So try growing your fruits or vegetables 5 gallon buckets is what i use. Granted its just aloe vera plants NOW.

Having many indoor plants help with sleeping. My current combination is 4 Snake plants(Mother in law) to 2 aloe pup ratio in the livingroom. Much like SEMEN RETENTION, growing plants is a journey and a slow process.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you