Feelings of regret

If only I had known that my natural curiosity regarding sexuality + poor communication with my dad would lead me down a dark path of p, maybe I would have taken a different path.


Yep I know that feeling. Only if…

But those are things of the past, we couldn’t have guessed that we would end up here. If we knew all that we knew now, we wouldn’t have started. But that’s hindsight.

All we can do is take this as a learning experience. We have to remember that the biggest struggles breed the biggest characters. We can rise above this, but it takes time and effort, pain and tears, and deep, outside-the-box thinking.

It pushes us to our limits, but in turn we grow exponentially as people. Don’t get down on yourself man, all these failures are necessary for learning and development of who we were meant to be.

One thing I forgot to mention in my other reply to your other topic you posted is that you should really get involved in one of the challenges on this forum. That’s where you are going to find the community you are looking for and will thrive off of.

I’m currently in the “Check-in Daily Diary Challenge”, which is all about being mindful and journaling. It utilizes the core strategies that have helped me to break free from this addiction. I’ll be posting more about those strategies actually in a very large post when I reach 90 days clean here in about a week. So if you want to check those out, keep an eye on the latest posts in the forum.

But since you’re new here and I’m not sure where you are in terms of fighting this, I would highly highly recommend you join the “Hero’s 90 day Challenge” that our brother @Forerunner created. It’s usually at the top of the forums when you select latest as the filter. The way you participate in the challenge will help to get you on your feet and develop the fundamental strategies to beating this addiction.

If you have any trouble finding it, just let me know!

You will get through this man :muscle: just keep fighting and never stop in your pursuit for answers.


Thank you for the support. It means a lot


Man, in that short message you managed to describe more than 50% of us on the forum…

You’re not alone in feeling regret like that, man. But there is always hope. Life is far better on the other side. Without pornography in our lives, we can finally start putting in the work to repair and improve them.

One year of freedom is worth more than 20 years of misery. The future is still bright and beautiful.


Thanks. Today was a good day. Stayed busy and connected with others.