Feeling very bad after this relapse

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Why I want a companion -
Just relapsed. Turns out when I am alone , I get distracted and starts looking for bad gifs. I need some good company so whenever I feel the urges, I’ll post or talk to the companion. I hope this may help in moving my future in right direction.


Lets do this!
Mine 8bedba.

I prefer someone close to my age. more relatable I guess. Im 28 yo

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Comrade let do this together! U r not alone.

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Hi scorpionzz,
Added u in companion list. Thanks for sharing code.

Hi, andyket86 ur sharing code?


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Here u r, let us find our peace in mind! 84c31a

If you need companion, here’s my sharing code

Current streak: 61 days. You can also message me if you need some discussions.

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Hi everyone, i also need help to overcome my porn addiction which generally occur on weekends that make these days bad moments of my life. As i’m working men so whenever i get free time on weekend then the porn make it worse so help me here is my sharing code 0baf34

Just chime in. If you got any problems write it down on gen discussion. Or pm any of the pact. We will keep watching each other. Me Day 2!!

Heyy…rahul this side …23 M …IND …my idea may sound a bit strange. …i was thinking if we could exchange number. Reason being. Although we have many friends in our personnel life but we tend to hesistate to tell our problem to them…so by exchanging no. We could be stranger and at the same time help each other.let me knw what u think about it.

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