Feeling uneasy and unsure if I'm still good

I am confused and a little uneasy about this. This last Saturday night I was up very late unable to sleep. I decided to look things up on YouTube. I did look up sexual things with the hopes of viewing. But when I saw the images and what they said I got a bad feeling and remembered what I had to lose so I closed out of it. I didn’t fap either. I then thought hey why not put on a horror movie? So scrolling through Netflix I found “The Human Centapide” I thought it sounded interesting so I put it on. In the movie a mad German doctor connects 2 girls and 1 boy from the mouth to the anus using surgery. Well the victims were naked and there were medical papers depicting the surgery in horrific details with diagrams. One diagram showed were on the anus to make an incursion. Well after the victims were connected and crawling around I could see then makes breasts of the women. I didn’t fap to it but it did arouse me a bit. Still I watched the movie to the end and later watched the second one which actually shows the naked victims tied up and one pregnant lady from the front also tied up. I watched the movies for the horror but I feel like due to the content I should have turned them off. However I didn’t.

Point is I’m not sure if I should count that as a relapse. I haven’t so far and kept it secret until now because of my unsurety but I feel like I need to come out and confess. Truth is I don’t know but I feel like I should count it as a relapse. Can someone please help me figure this out? I don’t want to reset my time.

I think that it was soft core porn so It did damage ur reboot a little bit but I dont think u can count it as a relapse thought u might feel bad about it
Do what u feel about it , if u feel bad like that when u pmo then count it as a relapse
It also depends on ur mode of Nofap

I added something I left out, will you reread what I put and respond?

If u turned away from Youtube because if the graphic content and u felt bad then its not a relapse
I have done the same thing , the bad feeling will be gone in a few hours dont worry , Just dont do it again and u will not relapse

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Thanks man! That helps

Sometimes I come across woman on instagram they do not need to be naked even their faces arouse me although I don’t stay for too long It makes me feel guilty asf, can you believe this a faces makes me horny, soo I just want to know is it bad from your view I used to watch more sexual related content before I realised what it did to someone who takes nofap seriously that was before I started counting my days, but now and then I see pictures of woman they and they are not even naked. Soo I decide to take 1 or month away from social media and see what happens


Same here brother , I get aroused very easily but I think , thinking about them more than a limit is what makes me relapse