Feeling too much energetic / cannot sleep

Today’s date : Oct 17
Day 20 of nofap

Current time: 3:40 am approx

My routine for nofap
9am -12pm clg lectures
2-5 pmclg lectures
5-7pm skipping 500, cycling 20-30 min. and some pull-ups exercise
Then some self-study till 12-1 am
So I am doing skippings, cycling, and all that but at night I found it very hard to sleep don’t know why , like the sleep I was getting while fappin is really getting to me

Simply I cannot go to sleep for hours …
Any advice!! Would be greatful


Well, avoid caffeine and sugars at night times.

Sure as you need to stay awake to self study till 1 am, but avoiding any energy bars, drinks and sweets in the evening is the way to go. The last cup or sweet at the latest 7 pm.

If you need a hot beverage in the evenings tee should do the job as it also helps to calm down.

Avoid cellphone use as best as most as possible at night as the light has been shown to keep people awake. Shift your study time so you study from say 10 pm to 11pm. Then there after avoid any activities like reading. Try to pray, or meditate at this time. Also at best a quick 10 min workout can be done to shift your body into being tired.

I usually workout at night ( don’t see any harm in it as I am tired when I go to bed and fall asleep very quickly)

Also at best avoid drinking when in your study period it will avoid the time to get up at in your sleep time to go to the bathroom.

Also avoid studying on your bed at all cost. So your brain can properly switch to sleep mode rather than study mode.

Hope this helps bro! Good luck and stay strong and awesome !


Brother I think I have your solution…
You should use binaural beats
There are apps available on playstore. But background music matters not keep the waves at full volume…

It’s free…you can also set timer for 15 or 20 minutes after that music will go off.

Thanks for the advice,
I needed to write this down because my mind is in a state that
" you should just fap once no harm and get a good sleep you will get your streak next time"

but I controlled somehow and try to focus on studies rather thinking about PMO and mobile phone or anything else…

Thanks and I’ll try to meditate and yeah binaural beats works I use them while studying sometimes.

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You can also use binaural beats for sleeping… select the sleep mode and set the timer to 15-20 minutes and and let the music play with or without earphone…

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Bro just remember
The happiness we get from other activities like exercise, passions etc is always thousands of times better than than the high we feel while fapping, objectively
The only problem is that beginning to fap is comparatively very easy than beginning to pushup or workout or study
If you cannot sleep, then don’t. My opinion is sleep only when you feel tired BUT try and wake as early as possible, to try and reset your cycle.
Once it becomes a cycle, it is amazing and it qill spiral you upwards

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Yeah @neetwarrior I think I need to reset my cycle :sweat_smile: currently 2:40 am approx not feeling sleepy at all soo… Yeah
But I’ll try to change the cycle by waking up early.

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Thats temporal thing that people experience your brain is just going back to normal mode again once this face is over you will start to get more sleep