Feeling strong urge right now


So I have 25 days in my pockets
But right now I am basically at the verge of relapsing
I have a strong urges, electricity has been cut off from our house because they are doing repairs(this is the 4th day it gets taken away) and won’t be back until 19:00, I really am sick of my house and my life in general…
I can’t leave the house because I have to prepare for an exam, I am only with my grandmother at home, who is very old…
I only have my phone and I am tired, although I still have internet access.
Yes I know, these are the perfect conditions for a relapse right ?
What do I do ? I don’t wanna waste my efforts but I am literally in a very hopeless situation, all the cues for relapsing are currently present, I hate God/Allah for putting me through this, I know this is a test, but seriously this is too much for me…what do I do !?


Get a book.
Take a walk.
Workout, go for a run.
Take a cold shower.
Learn something.

The options are endless. You just need to figure out what works for you and get your mind busy.


Brother, take a deep breath and think for a second.

You’ve made it to 25 days. I’m 100% sure in that time you’ve dealt with stress and discomfort, and there was ample opportunity to relapse. But you still managed to make different choices which were better for you.

I’ve never said after any relapse, “I’m glad I gave into that urge, that was a good idea. I was feeling so stressed out and now I feel better.” Giving in always adds to the stress even more.

Think about the consequences and decide what you want to do. 2019 has been clean for you so far, that’s a good place to be in. The urges get weaker as you go along. It will not be this difficult for ever. You’d be surprised at how much stronger you feel around day 40.

And please don’t take your frustration out on GOD. I don’t believe you really mean it, but reminders benefit the believers. GOD tests us with loss and hardship, but temptations are from the devil. This PMO addiction isn’t something GOD has put on you. Remember the devil only has the power to whisper in your ear, you’re always in control of your own decisions. It’s up to you where you go from here.


True, that is right, not to mention my birthday is in 2 days, I can’t go back to 0 now
But really these days I have been through so much much, this is why I started blaming God, I mean you said it that he is the one responsible for the hardships, these days, everytime a new hardship strikes, my hate for him grows even more, even though I know that Allah tests those whom he loves, but still I have had enough of this. And he is not planning to rid me of these hardships…
Thank you for your reply, you are right I won’t obey the whispers of the devil, I know I will surely regret it later if I relapse…

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I know it can be so tough, but this is when you have to be strong. Hit the ‘urge’ button on the app and follow the instructions.
Stay calm. This is not the end.
And we all believe in you! You are victorious. And if you ask God/Jesus he will actually help you, contrary to the testing and trial.

Here’s a prayer:
Dear heavenly Father,
Please give me the strength to resist this temptation. I know I can do it with your strength. I believe I am an overcomer in you.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

You made it so far, don’t you back down now!


Thank you for your response and for taking time to answer me…
I know that this is indeed when I have to be strong, but I am not a christian, I am a muslim, we only pray to the “heavenly father” as you guys reffer to him, and we believe that Jesus is just a messenger of God, not a god himself, nor his son…
But I will try my best to resist, Can’t give up now…


The flip side of urges is Grace.
Keep the faith bro, and let Grace keep growing and growing in your life.

A little tip, ‘challenge a companion’ is a great challenge.
I’ve been challenged to 60 days,… So I’ve just got to do it, I don’t want to let my challenger down.

I want to see him do well.

So ask someone with a small streak to challenge you, and help pick them up.

Peace be with you bro


Try to help yourself. My prayers are with you. May Allah take out all of us from this fitna


Thanks for your response brother
I have calmed down now, and I am feeling better…
I have already challenged someone to 20 days,Martial_Beast and we’re both doing well so far…


Thank you so much, ameen ameen