Feeling sadness

Tonight I am feeling sadness.

2 days streak to far.

Sorry bro! I’m feeling kind of down too. There’s this really beautiful woman at my church that I’m REALLY attracted to, but the timing for a relationship with her is not right. It’s taking everything that I have not to relapse to the thought of her. I’m just remembering that if I become PMO free I will gain the confidence, energy, and self esteem to build myself up as a man, so that when the day comes I will be the best man I can be for her or whichever woman God has planned for my life.

Remember that every storm runs out of rain.


Thanks, @ncaldwe22.

This is hard for me. No woman is available for me.

I hope you get your confidence.

I hope you find your woman bro, it’s a tough journey fo sho

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It’s hard. I live with my parents. My Dad just got out of the hospital after having his toe amputated.

My mom was in the hospital too for one day.

I had to take 2 days off work, so I can be their support during the week.

Plus, my boss is concerned, I’m not giving myself time for the HUGE workload coming that I will finish by December 30th.

It bothers me I may get behind or fail at work.

Plus involving women, I never dated, never had a girlfriend, and before PMO, I had no confidence anyway.

I’m scared that even if I succeed at defeating this, my confidence level around women will still be zero

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Ok, sure. Start clean. Build your confidence. You don’t have to expect that it won’t be there if you beat the addiction. That’s another way that it has a hold on you. Don’t listen to that


Same bro. I have several medical conditions that prevent me from going out and meeting new people. I have my good days and my bad days. As far as the confidence goes, I personally don’t believe nofap just “gives” you confidence. I think that is gives you the tools you need (healthy habits, more energy, better impulse control, etc. to build that confidence through everyday interactions, as well as giving you a new perspective on women. One based on their emotional and spiritual characteristics versus the size of their breasts and booty. I’m sorry that you have so much stress bro, I hope it gets better soon.

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