Feeling sad and lonely forever

I fear i will be lonely forever.

I fear that I will never have an opportunity to meet a woman.

My extremely limited life never changes and I have no power or knowledge to change.

I know most of you here are younger than me and haven’t experienced this loneliness to a depth that I feel.

But i know you all understand.

I will be alone forever because my Dad controls my personal time. I rarely get time for myself and when I do, im either relapsing or serving him.

What kind of man age 31 goes through this? I bet im the only one.


I don’t think you’re the only one. I’m younger than you are but I can relate to this on a level. I feel like it’s because I haven’t made something for myself. I haven’t achieved anything that would make my parents think that I don’t need their meddling. Also you will find someone, trust me. You will. I don’t know how to explain this and it seems like cliché advice but just work on yourself.


Believe me… it’s not forever… I’m a younger man but once i started no fap and got to where i am now… something changed. I feel more confident and am able to talk to women. I’m not afraid of rejection.

I was in the same boat and honestly i was able to do this on day 9!! You can do it, be strong and be patient, do not compare your life to others. You’ll find someone when its time brother!


Bro you 31 and your dad controls your life? This sounds messed up!


Bro im 35. I jerked of twice in my car yesterday. I feel like shit. I dont know if this is to engrained in me . But im gonna try harder today


It’s not engrained. You just have to learn to control it.

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Can you identify the periods of the day that you feel that you are the most bombarded by urges?
I’m 58 and I for instance get heavy urges in the mid day and then again in the early evening.
Let me know when you get urges the most

For me its in the morning after i wake up. Between 6am and 11 am

Right now guys that loneliness is back and im sad too

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