Feeling Low (ejaculation of feelings)

Hey everyone! :wave:
I hope everyone’s doing great in their journey of self improvement. I’m also very motivated and going good. But a thing happened today, a few days ago I posted a confession about how I was depressed for 2 years and it was good that so many people supported me and filled me with positivity and motivation and hope. And I actually felt very good after that, I realised that this is not end of the world for me. And now what I was telling about is that,
I saw the girl again today after 8 months, I’m trying to forget her and I’m somewhat successful in doing so, but when I saw her today something different happened. I was happy and laughing but suddenly all that disappeared and I was just lost in a void with no thoughts, no sense of reality, for a few seconds, it might sound strange but it was like, I was not real and just got blank. I didn’t have any sexual thoughts or anything related to her. But still I felt like who am I? And what am I doing here?

Since then I’m feeling a bit low, and no I’m not having any urge and I’m not anywhere near to it’s thought either. I’ve learned how to control my mind and get away from urges easily it feels butter smooth. Just wanted to share this as I’ve no one to talk to expect you people and I don’t want to bury any unusual thoughts in my mind. It’s better to throw them out immediately.

Have a great day(night actually :stuck_out_tongue:)
Love youuu my buddies :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: