Feeling Insanely Sleepy

For about so many days I wasn’t able to go beyond 2days and today I am on day 6 and I M feeling too much sleepy
Abnormally High

I guess my brain is trying to make me fap
Although I didn’t peek anything.

Please help what should I do now…


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Congratulations @AIIMSONIAN2K21 bro you broke your record of highest streak :tada::clap:.

No improvement is ever small and it always accumulates to form a mountain of positivity

Bro, don’t worry, this is not your brain’s trap to make you relapse.Instead this is an opportunity of healing. Feeling sleepy?, then sleep man!. Allow your brain to rest. Sleep early today, wake up early and fresh. Drink some coffee or tea in the morning. Exercise. Sleep 7 to 9 hours everyday at night. Make a proper waking up and sleeping routine. You won’t feel sleepy. If u need to sleep during the day then sleep 1 hour between anytime from 11am to 1 pm so you will not have any difficulty sleeping at night. Just relax, rest properly and boom!!!.
You are good to go!!!.

Why this is not your brain’s trap?
Normally, during recovery, people sometimes have insomnia. They can’t sleep. This lack of sleep and bad routine causes decrease in willpower and the cravings for Dopamine increases. You crave more sugar, more pleasure, you become irritable due to lack of sleep. This is brains way to retaliate and try us to relapse during our weakened state. We have false perception that PMOing will sooth us and make us sleep. BEWARE!!! This is a trap!!!

Just chill man, rest good, be vigilant against triggers and feel the awesome energy of noPMO.

Keep calm and say no to PMO :fire::fire::fire:


Absolutely your brain is trying to slip you back to your old ways this happens because we have trained our brain to get this bad amount of dopemine so when now you resisting you’ll face withdrawal symptoms

So the best thing to do to overcome come them is

  1. Accept that for time being you’ll have to face them there is no magic bullet to turn them off like a switch, But REMEMBER they are TEMPORARY and go away and shouldn’t be a reason to slip stick in there

  2. A better lifestyle Equals a better you
    Drinking plenty water ,getting adequate sleep not more not less, minimal phisical exercise all this keep your feel good chemicals in proper ratio in your brain so you are better equipped to tackle your withdrawal symptoms

  3. Avoid triggering content not fapping is good but looking at triggering content will just make more hard for you to rewire and bring more withdrawal symptoms

  4. Read books this has helped me a lot reading actually is like gym for your brain you can read about anything you like fiction books , newspaper, children story whatever you like
    Research shows that regular reading: improves brain connectivity a better brain means you’ll tackle your problem with better solutions
    So get something you like and read best is read about how others have takcled similar problems you’ll get many suggestions of books on this forum

Now all this will help but the most important thing to do is make a routine of your day plan you days with all the activities mentioned you can add more things like meditation and controlled breathing if you like

Current your brain is addicted to a past routine of masterbation you’ll have to train it to a different routine to get it’s dopamine and soon it will realise masterbation is not the only way to feel good there are other ways and it will automatically start craving for the new routine


Thanks brothers
I would rather take a big nap of about 1hour straight :sleeping::sleeping_bed:

I am really Grateful for the way this site helps me… especially people here :slight_smile:


Keep going… Dont give so much attention to whats going on… Its your body adjusting to the new routine.