Feeling extremely weak and less in energy

Hi brothers
I am on my day 4 but want to clarify that I have not masturbated for 12 days. But 4 days ago I edged and watched naked pics.
But today I am feeling extremely exhausted… I slept good at night but still feeling like I haven’t slept for 2 days… have no energy…
is it normal?
Is my edging causing this?
If so then should I masturbate and start again?
Or this dizziness will go with time?

Please help me… I don’t want to masturbate but I want to masturbate… you know what I mean


No fap!!! You feel weak becouse you fapped. Edging causing weakness. Don’t fap bro!

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Yes if you never had a flatline experience before.

No. Take a cold shower & Stay Strong.

Lust has a limit. If that limit is reached. Nobody can save you from a Relapse. When we edge again & again we are reaching that limit of lust. Once the lust meter is at 100% no power on earth can save a man from a Relapse.


:sweat::sweat::sweat:… feeling very bad and regretting for edging…

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Fuck no. It causes more damage than now.

Exercise and coldshower. You’ll feel better faster.

Just to be clear, just because you didn’t orgasm doesn’t mean you’re all clear. What you did was masturbate. It’s so so much damaging. Stay away from masturbation ie edging bro, that’s what we trying to do here on NoFap.

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Don’t worry… Do some meditation… Watch some motivational videos related to no Fap on YouTube … U will feel better bro

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Edging is the worst.
Atleast when you pmo, once you’re done with it you get back to your senses and start planning your future course of action.
Edging leaves you as a mindless zombie who’s always horny and can’t function at all.
Please dont edge.


True. Orgasm actually cuts off the dopamine supply and makes you come to your senses. Edging is what we should stay away from no matter what.

Edit : doesn’t mean self orgasm won’t harm you, it’s just edging for long time is way way harmful. The difference is that of a quick clean kill with a shot to your head and slowly being tortured to death. Anyway, we shouldn’t die.

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Stop edging, I suggest stay away from trigers also, like social media for some time.

About the weakness, it is a part of your no fap journey, some people even experience it even without edging, your brain is making you feel bad for not giving it the pleasure of porn.

No fap can be very challenging, but you can not give up on yourself…fight stay strong, do a lot of things you like so your brain doesn’t fight with you that much.

For me this phase was long, but it was worth it.

This is a sign that you are recovering, stay strong