Feeling extremely sad on day 48

extremely sad ,bore .day 48 .
what should i do .im lost .im very sad today.without any reason .

It’s just a flatline. This feeling will disappear in a couple of days.
Be cautious for urges. You can be nostalgic, listen to songs from your childhood, go for a walk. It’s kust for while.


Do some sport
100 push ups
Or run or pray or talk to your friends
You diserve more

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How are you Now, my friend?

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im good
but i feel no joy
i dont want to do something ,even hobbies
maybe its flatline

@alexcoz600 I know exactly what your going through right now man. I have zero motivation or even ambition to do anything. It’s all apart of the process. It’s your mind trying to get used to years and years of easily accessible dopamine. All you can do right now is try to enjoy the process. Know all of the suffering will be worth it in the end!


GO outside, watch the nature, start running, feel free