Feeling better since last relapse

I’m clean for 8 days now

so i have been reading a lot about pmo and rebooting . since last one week I have developed certain understanding about the concept of rebooting . I have been sleeping better and waking up early in the morning . I still yawn during the day but I’m not taking a nap during noon . I think the body will take more time to fully adjust to sleep early and wake up early . I don’t use any electronics 1 hour prior sleeping and I am trying meditation. the one where I concentrate on my breadth and try not to indulge in the thoughts that come during that period of time .
I’m having digestion issues which is a new problem that has surfaced idk why. so I have stated going for a walk after dinner and started to eat less oily food . let’s see if this improves .

I still get sexual thoughts to which I try to cut it off at the beginning only . I’m being proactive in this measure as this is very helpful. stay strong brothers and keep reading various articles and stick to the one which u find helpful. im reading soaring eagles book . it’s available online.