Feeling ant-like sensation in my brain

I have recently watched a movie with friends at this movie-evening at school. This movie had me almost watch at 3 obvious nude scenes. But I looked away because my priority like everyone else is to stop PMO-addiction. So I looked away but felt like I relapsed even it was not on purpose. It’s like the scenes come and I for 1 second look away. Basically the film is a political-movie about the oppression of the Soviet union toward East-Germany, and boy, does it have unnecessary nude scenes. There is one were a couple make out, a rape scene, and the other shows tits out of a prostitute. It made me so furious and I did not know what to do but look away immediately. Suddenly after some 5-10 minutes I felt like my brain had a flatline. I’m on my 4th day and this stupid and boring “political-movie” interrupts my day on Monk Mode. I hope this is not a relapse, is it?


I had that same thing happen to me. I was over at my cousin’s house and we watched Deadpool. I didn’t know that it had practically porn scenes in it.I felt the same way for a little while, I even had a super vivid dream about it.

So in your opinion it’s not a relapse?

Yeah, I don’t think it’s a relapse because we both looked away and we weren’t trying to find a movie that was steamy like that

Bro. If you want to become a MONK. then, you have to look at the tits without lust. I am not saying that you start looking at nudes but if it comes in front of your eyes you should observe it as it is.
By this i mean no matter how big are the tits but they are just flesh. You have to start live with it; stop running away from it Dont drown in that sexual feeling but rise from it.

Accept tits as a part of life.

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And you have not relapsed because you didnt fap to the tits.

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I guess I was wrong. I guess I am on hard mode then


I feel better now on 5th day. 25 days left for 30



A friend showed me what is is supposed to be Halloween costume on Google pictures but instead he showed me a pornographic comic photo of wonder woman. As I did with the movie I looked right away. Then it was this website with memes. What was weird is that this site shows advertisements as pornographic gifs B*****rs. And believe me or not, I did not look at them. It was rather my left peripheral vision because I cannot remember perfectly how the act went and I am glad for that.

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