Feeling and looking good

After 3 months of nofap , i relapsed. Now i’m striking only 4 days with nofap, and i started to be awesome because i learned alot from my mistakes.

I’m feeling confident and strong, i’m standing for myself, i’m kicking life’s ass.Failing is great, falling down make you bounce up ( don’t fail on purpose that’s dumb).

I hope that i will continue on this path, and for all those who relapsed , know that you are trading your life with 3 secs of joy and pleasure.

Nofap isn’t the key to a good life, it is the map that guide you to the treasure.

The key is actually you getting shit done, man the fuck up and do whatever you love, stop being a slave of your brain because society have washed it your whole fucking life. Make your dreams come true, whatever it takes, maybe you will be homeless or have a shitty year, but you will succeed after.

A wise man once said :

" When fear is infront of you,
move towards it and it will go away".

Good luck gentlemens.


If people only realised the whole extent of this…

Truest words on this forum, nicely stated.


:100: Well stated and couldn’t agree more!


Love that quote :heart_eyes: Thanks for sharing :heart:

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If you loved what i said you will probably love the youtube channel named : Eliott Hulse. Don’t get fooled by the people who keep insulting him, it’s just normal for those who are trying to change the world or the society to get criticized. He helped me to go throught alot and it’s just the best youtube mentor i can recommend you.